Saturday, 8 May 2010


Sadly due to the amount of work I've had recently and my employer's IT team deciding to block any blogging websites it's meant I couldn't update my blog as often as I had meant to. This combined with trying to make as many raids as I can to support the other officers in my guild means I've been playing lots and had lots to write about, just not really had the time.

My guild is doing well. We're currently bashing our heads against LK25 HM which is just a painful fight even with the buff. We also recently got our first shadowmourne the other day and its owner has been putting out quite frankly sickening dps (it's also good on putri25 HM, because we tend to have that guy tanking in the abomination which bases its damage off of his weapon damage -  he did 18k dps on that fight).

I've been incredibly ill so have been mostly standby. Except for the fights we still struggle with I've not really been to many of the icc fights this week on HM.

The main result of my flu has been my paladin who's professions I powerlevelled to Northrend levels as well as nabbing him 3bits of tanking T6 and enough shinies to ensure his levelling will be peaceful and smooth. Just don't talk to me about mining mithril in the hinterlands...

I also rediscovered my favourite pvp movie in my bookmarks whilst looking about. It's callled Danaik 3 Tripple D and it left me gobsmacked the first time I saw it. Its not another one of those "high crit" videos its a hunter ranging in level from 72-78 taking on raid geared 80s (i think ulduar was progression at the time) and completely and utterly destroying them. I highly recommend it - link below

Daniak 3 Tripple D

Currently planning next weekend to pull my finger out and get myself the 10man drake. Haven't really been bothered till now as our 10mans are friday and saturday evenings which I made a promise to myself to keep sacred. So I've set the challenge on our guild forums and I'll see who shows up. It's only liable to be Putricide and Sindragosa that provide the challenge but we'll see. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have a shiny drake to show off or if we decide to put progression aside and do the 25man achievements - 2 drakes!

/echo out