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Saturday, 19 June 2010

I Haz Announcementz

Well I've got a day off so I'm actually able to update for once! I had a very productive day levelling my boomkin and stopped early to look at the mountain of planned posts I'd made while bored at work. Then I sat in a car for 8 hours and listened to England play terribly in the world cup. Not exactly what you'd call a perfect day. I'm beginning to think I'm cursed and that any football team I follow is doomed to failure.

Before the car journey I was rifling through my notes I keep around my pc. I have all kinds of scrawled notes from my loot system on my pug runs, officer duty reminders and notes about players I want to invite to alt runs. The vast majority is notes on my alts and the gearing plans I make plus the associated theorycrafting with notes to check my bookmarks to find the pages again.

I was considering alts and how I play them. I'm incredibly cheap with my alts - I almost never spend ages gathering crafting mats and having shit ready for them but at the same time I've very single minded about gearing once I have them at 80. It occured to me the other day reading some other blog (I shan't flop my wowcock out, don't worry) that I'd also rolled an alt of that class and spec too, and given how in depth the person had gone about various subjects I was curious about what state their character was in. So out came Echo the Internet Detective and I tracked down their character on the armory. I was surprised with their gearing level. I don't mean GS - hell, the holy pally BiS libram is ilvl 200 but with what items they'd picked up. I honestly thought they would have a much more optimal setup given what's available to them. They're on about ICC yet theres some pretty nice upgrades available outside that would help them out.

I don't mean to disparage anyone but gear makes shit easier. There's a saying army types have which goes something like:
"A litre of sweat is worth a drop of blood" 
That basically is my entire approach to raiding. However I'm also a bit of a slacker so I use what other smarter and more dedicated players have done. Every time I roll a new alt I generally have a clear idea of what I want to do at 80 and so I research and collect so much information I figured I might as well put it to good use and do something with it.

So, expect several guides on how to play in patch 3.3 which don't assume you want to pay 30k gold and blow all of your carefully hoarded goods but will have you ready for ICC with a least a broad clue of what you're supposed to be doing. Currently in the works are Holy Paladin, Boomkin, Elemental Shaman, Arms Warrior, MM Hunter and maybe a spec of DK if I get overexcited.

In other news I stumbled across a couple great bloggers so I'm in the process of updating my blogroll to reflect this. There's been a couple I've left off for too long. Also the webfilter at work means I'm able to read  you have if you have your own site as anything with blogspot/wordpress is blocked. Although I may have found a loophole that will enable me to view but not comment.

/echo out

PS. Today's question is: Even though you're playing on a multimedia machine do you also take notes in the old fashioned way if you have to remember something or plan something to do with wow?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Elder Echo's top 10 dungeon tips

As my contribution to the Elder Blogging Event started off by Khi at Tree Burglar I decided to put down some of my general dungeon tips. In wow years I'm probably about middle aged and given my extensive range of alts I often have

Now a lot of bloggers have spoken about playing their alts and getting whinged at or told off by other people who think they can tell them how to play. Allow me to state firstly that I only give people tips when their playstyle is causing the party problems and secondly that I generally always try to do it via whisper.

That said playing on my balance druid and healing from said spec in randoms to get groups means I spend so little time actually doing any healing that I'm noticing what people are doing. So without further ado, here's what I've been trying to politely ask people do properly. So help be a constructive party member and don't do/ help out the newbies yourself!

1) Stop pulling shit that is miles away from the tank - this is fucking obvious. In addition to this let the tank get the initial aggro as they are more likely to hold it if you do.

2) Paladin tanks, stop casting exorcism when tanking groups of mobs. Your health spikes because WHILE CASTING YOU CANNOT PARRY, DODGE OR BLOCK! Ahem

3) All tanks - learn how to move with mobs. I understand that for many of you, the random dungeon system is first step you will take into tanking. That said, an important point to remember is that you lose a whole lot of avoidance if the mob isn't facing you. From behind you cannot block/parry/dodge, this is also the reason melee dps attack Bosses from behind.

4) Put your buffs up at the start and then renew them without asking. There's nothing more frustrating than having to wait for the one person who is too cheap to buff.

5) Look at mana levels. If your healer's mana is low then pulling more mobs is a guaranteed wipe unless they manage to pull something special out of the bag.

6) Hunters, please turn growl off. I know your pet can tank but its easier for the tank to pick up the mobs if they don't have to worry about your pet stealing one while they aren't looking. Its also a focus loss, so your pet will in fact do less dps while growling.

7) Warriors, hold off on charging in if you aren't tanking. Yes it gives you rage but it often prevents the tank from pulling stuff back. Wait for the tank to stop moving, then charge.

8) DKs, use Death Grip sparingly. Helping a tank out by pulling a caster into melee range is useful. Pulling a mob out of the pack is not.

9) Understanding. If someone is doing something wrong - try and tell them in private first. Often there might be a good reason for them doing something. For example most levelling specs differ greatly from raid specs. So if my druid doesn't have points in certain talents, I for certain know this and know why I haven't bothered taking them. Someone saying "OMFG NOOB USE MF" is unlikely to garner a positive response.

10) Loot. The pink elephant in the room. All I'll say is that the LFD system gives us a lot more gearing options and this loot will only last us so long. It's never nice to have someone be an ass with loot but ignore them and you never have to worry about them again.

/elderecho out

Monday, 8 February 2010

PuG Raids - some tips

I was having an argument in trade chat with a warlock (no, really). Now I like to think I've matured enough to rise above that channel where the only thing being traded is insults but something this lock said to me stuck.
"I've done heroics but now I'm as geared as I can get. I can't do raids because everyone wants an achievement"
Which struck me as a little depressing. My response was for him to form his own raids which he veto'd on the grounds that he's semi retarded (his words not mine). So I had a little think about what I'd do. I'd form my own raids and gear up that way.

I've been raiding since the end of Vanilla (Nothing special, a bit of a go at MC and lots of ZG) and its only really in the last year or so I've gotten back into forming my own raids to have a crack at the content. I've been an officer for around 4/5months and now help lead our progression raids but as an aside I still run our alt ICC25 and TOC25 runs.

Before I start I should probably point out that the dedication some of our main raiders show to their alts means I instantly have a much easier job a lot of the time we raid. Generally those who aren't Guild members are drawn from the social circle of those I play with or have played with in the past. But this wasn't always the case...

Possibly the biggest advice I can use if you want to start forming your own raids is the Raid planner tool on the MMO Champion website. Play about with it and work out the different places you can bring the buffs in from. The second biggest piece of advice is to try playing every class or role because the better your understanding of the game the easier the time you'll have in the instance. It makes it a lot easier to overcome boss mechanics if you know what each class can do and where the unique buffs are coming from. Also, at least try and know what you're walking into fight wise. I've led without having a clear idea of the fights and we wiped because I couldn't point out what was going wrong. Also pick a time for each run and keep it regular.
Also - make sure you're playing your character properly. It's hard to maintain authority when you're putting out tank level dps.

Whore yourself around
Play with lots of people - its the only real way to meet players you'll be happy to invite. As I pointed out at the start, I have it easy these days but it wasn't always the case. Back in Naxx days although I knew we'd clear the place, I'd often have to shuffle lots of people around and mainly fill with PuGs. Having a good social network in the game will lead to better quality raid.
When you do get more people asking to come than you have spots, tailor the raid to the difficulty of the instance. I tend to do more entire guild alt runs of TOC25 than I will of ICC purely because I set the standards high and warn people I'm doing so. As long as you don't fanny about and are honest, most people won't stalk away with their nose in a sling when you tell them you think they need to gear up more. If they do and it causes drama make sure you have a concrete reason for keeping them out.

Learn to be a jerk
Often people will do things that are stupid. You have to tell them not to do it and (because its a PuG) give them incentive not die in fire/goo/explosion every attempt. I use a system to distribute loot that punishes poor performance. I'll state before each boss what I don't want to see happen and if you do one of them - I add a gear point. You also get gear points (or GP) for each piece of loot you get. If you have 2GP and you roll against someone with 1GP - they automatically win the item regardless of roll.
This does cause nerdrage and a whole load of excuses, but generally if you're sensible it's appreciated by the mage who's done a steady 7k dps the entire instance who'd have otherwise lost the roll against the mage doing 4k dps and dying in every boss ability. Being fair with the loot and keeping the run free of idiots means over time people who are sensible will gravitate to your run and it will get easier.

Don't use GearScore
If you're relying on a gear rating addon to tell you whether people can play their class you're a lazy douchebag who needs to learn to use the armory. 5s looking at their enchants/gems and gearchoices says a hell of a lot more about a player than an arbitrary number will.
MMO champ featured an addon called EliteGroup which actually might help and comes recommended by a couple people I play with.

Make realistic goals
Set an easier target to reach and build from there. It will help focus the people in the raid. Its an anticlimax if you say "we'll" down putricide and we spend the whole night wiping on precious and stinky.

Have fun
Don't let other people fuck you around and enjoy it. It's one of the most rewarding things the game has to do. If it isn't for you, then find someone who is prepared to stick their neck out and reward them by playing sensibly and turning up once a week.

/echo out

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Adding Wowhead mouseovers to Blogger

After banging my head on this for a couple hours last night, it just occured to me now that in fact it is very easy to do. All of the guides I saw seemed to be for slightly older versions of Blogger or the Beta version.

Anywho, here's what you do.

1) Cut a hole in the box  Go to the layout tab

2) Open a new "Gadget" and select from the basic section "HTML/JavaScript"

3) Paste this code from Wowhead

4) Close it and and then every time you link to wowhead you get the mouseovers.

par example = Grime-encrusted Object (My favourite item for itemlink innuendo)

There's some other nifty tools on that Wowhead page which I'd wholeheartedly advise you to check out.

/echo out