About Me

I've been described as many things. Probably the closest anyone came was "an unapologetic asshole". In fact when I was promoted to officer in my current guild one of the others literally said "sweet we have someone who doesn't mind being the jerk" and I don't because life is often too short to pussyfoot around. I'm generally very honest with the people I raid with and I respect the fact that if I fuck up, they'll be honest with me.

I'm Gav a 23 year old Scotsman currently living in England working in the world of Banking. My alter ego is Echo a name I've picked up over the years commenting and playing games on the internet. WoW is my current game although I've been known to dabble in console games and a couple of my friends keep trying to tempt me away to play LFD2 or TF2.

The reason I've stuck with WoW is generally the people I've met along the way. I'm privileged to be in a great raiding guild at the moment ( recent world rank just above 500!) although sadly my busy RL means I'm struggling to raid much.

I'd like to think I've a decent knowledge of the game by now due to the alts spread across 2 main servers.

Echo - 80  MM/BM Hunter - Main
80 Blood Dk tank/frost DW dps
80 Arms warrior
80 Ele Shaman
66 Prot/ret pally
49 Destro Warlock
45 Balance Druid

Please understand that for the sake of anonymity I've left out the bulk of the names. Sometimes its nice to have a quiet night. In addition to this I'm on RP-PVP servers and the names of at least of them are a bit dodgy, so in the interests of not getting a 4th warning on my account it's best I leave them out

Apologies if I don't reply to every message left. I'd truly love to however my work browser seems to struggle with both blogspot and wordpress comments sections.