Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Hypocrisy of Gearscore and a Racist gets his Just Reward

As my previous guide showed I've rolled a paladin. Well, I've been mostly focusing on building a ret spec on the loladin, so Lady RNG in her capriciousness naturally is bestowing me with healing upgrades and tanking gear. I blame Theanorak - He made me want to dips! Also becoming v tempted to fork out for a shadows edge as I have golds! I'm chasing DMC:G too and just missing an ace. Total of 1kspent on it - which is mitigated by all the other cards I picked up trying to proc them via Inscription isn't too bad.

I did a random icc10 on the pally as I was on too late to make the raid the other night. I knew a couple of the guys in it and it seemed we'd probably clear at least 7 bosses. As I'm in the process of speccing ret (in ret gear so comedy that people stop me and make fun of me in dalaran - yeah thats a 251 weapon next to those 138 trinkets /flex)  I was questing as ret in zul drak to finish it off and make some tasty gold for any silly achievements I decide to do. I join the raid and the first thing I get is "why does the paladin have 4k gearscore" from the tanking DK. I reply with something snarky, confident that I've three people from the guild that I might not know that well but at least know me well enough to know I'm a good enough player to keep up and that my holy gear is pretty good . Plus I'm an officer so they wouldn't dare kick me :D .

Now after the dk is reassured I'm healing and that I'm in ret gear he shuts up. But I'm still annoyed. Everything goes fine mostly up to rotface. We've killed fester and have the weekly and he suddenly pipes up.

"I'm tanking the boss, the warrior should kite the ooze".
"Actually" I cut in "It's really easy to do the kiting as a dk, plus you can CoI the little oozes and control them" "Yeah but I can't do it"
"So you were prepared to not let me come on this run when I had 4k gearscore but you yourself don't have the ability to be here"
"yeah but its hard, paladin is easy"
"actually I've done it before on my dk, you don't even need to be tank specced"

The group worked around him and only one wipe caused by both of us healers getting the debuff and a little confusion about who was healing who along with the tank (the dk) staying in to take the angry poo poo to the face. We kill putricide in a 1 shot again despite the dk playing terribly and tanking in the wrong place and go do valithria before doubling back to blood. After the mage randomly drops group we continue with 9 and the dk is tanking kelseth the caster. Complete. Abject. Failure. He's not using CDs not stacking orbs its a nightmare to heal. By this point I can tell people are playing like gash as I'm also keeping an orb up with judgement and holy shock in between spamming holy light on the tanks. we get it to 3% but people have to go.

How does this work? I can't come to fucking ICC with 4k when I've knowledge of every fight but scrubs like him think they can stop other players from joining despite the fact they're not actually any good and have lamed their way to a higher GS. Even with the 4k GS I could still link the achievement for 3 wings on this alt and if pressed could even relog and link all 4 wings on both difficultys with kingslayer. I realise this is preaching to the converted and this is shit everyone knows and the subject is a tired one at that but I needed to rage! I've started ignoring players that malignantly stupid so I don't have to carry them in the future.

Anyway we had a main run on reset day. Wow all these people we don't see on progression days showing up on reset day? What a coincidence! The high point of the raid - being told by the trial rogue (who has a tendency to talk alot and state the obvious) was that his friend, a hunter, had been banned for something he said in ICC general chat. I recognised the name and recounted why he'd been banned. I'm a hypocritical jerk to be qute honest and I often say things that are borderline tasteful and I troll a fair bit, however I know where the line is and I never cross it. His friend posted something racist which, as some people know, really grinds my gears (many in my guild actually think I'm a black muslim for some reason). I'd reported the guy and apparently he got a 1day ban and nerdraged hilariously. I'm sure the rogue will tell his friend it was me, and I actually generally hope it gets a rise out of him. I have no patience for that kind of mental retardation and I'm quite happy to continually report his misdeeds until its perma :)

Top tips - include time in the chat log of when the person you were reporting said the offensive statement. So please, blizzard do read these and like any sensible company they take a very sensible approach and they DO DEAL with it. Report - ignore them - clean up wow!

/echo out

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Real ID - See what I mean now blizzard?

The WoW blogosphere has been awash with people posting their concerns and worries about the new RealID system were introducing. Chas over at Righteous Orbs pretty much had the same thought as myself as did Jen over at Stories of WoW

I've stated in the comments of a number of blogs that I'm against the nature they've introduced the system and the fact they've now tied it to the forums for my own reasons.

Well, they only went and got pwned. A blizzard moderator posted his name to show how "harmless" it was and sure enough the digging some people did was instantaneous. His address, phone number - you name it they pulled it up. Apparently his house has had in the region of 80 pizzas sent to it (thank you 4chan, ahem) and they've had to diconnect his phone due to prank calls and he's taken down most of his facebook. Here's the story over at wowriot. Here's the original thread on the official forums .

All I'm going to say is a great big fat


On the other hand I hope the rest of that poor misguided moderator manages to regain some sense of privacy after all this blows over. I know some blizzard employees are famous in any case and this could happen to them (hell some crazies have probably already done it) but considering this guy seems to have been int he wrong place at the wrong time

Also here's Hitler's reaction to the forum addition. Mainly geared towards the SC2 people but made me smile.

/echo out

Edit 1:  It's been brought to my attention that some people have been harassing blizzard staff. There's even a website full of personal information about them. They even know someones goddamn shoe size. If that isn't wrong I don't know what is.

I know I don't get a hell of a lot of traffic but I might as well document some of the downright crazy shit some people are doing. Someone posted on one of the staff members wedding guest books

A very interesting read over at Team Liquid who singled out a single post made by someone claiming to know a GM basically mentioning that the employees are just as pissed off as everyone else. With good reason I imagine, now they not only have an unpopular decision they don't want to enforce but they also are getting harassed. As much as I'll repeat myself saying this but I feel really sorry for the middle guys taking the flak. Full quote below:

Nachtjäger, Suramar, 59 Night Elf Death Knight post 35821 in epic thread wrote

Got in touch with my ex-flatmate, whose sister works as a GM for Blizzard, to see what the internal buzz on this was. Apparently, at the moment the employees are largely as pissed as the players, and she stated that despite attempts to keep it hushed, it has become known that the big creative players within Blizzard are pretty much as unhappy about this as we are. Everybody has been told they are not free to comment on this situation outside of specially prepared statements.

  I also did a bit of digging to see if I could find any further detail of what's really been happening. Typically the full scale of the shitstorm isn't known for a couple weeks but Encyclopaedia Dramatica already have a post on it. I did try and brave /b at 4chan to see if anything else was happening but now I feel soiled. Heading to bed, I'll keep updating if I find anything.

/echo out

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Preparing to Raid: A Slacker's Guide to Holy Paladins

When I rolled the paladin I intended him to tank. But reading blogs and seeing some of the fights in ICC, notably valithria,  I found myself being enthused with the idea of healing. So I read up more, pestered my guildies who play the spec, looked longingly at loot lists and generally tried to absorb as much as I could. Below is what I did and how I did it.

Basically my first stop wasn't really a surprise. Its the holy pally compendium on Elitist Jerks. It's an incredible resource so I recommend anyone rolling a holypally pick it up and read it. I should also point out that I had a very clear vision of how I was aiming to play and it wasn't Flash of Light even though it's easier to go that way to begin with. I'll explain a little about what I see are the two percieved methods of healing as a holy paladin and how the people who play them tend to spec.


Now basically theres two main playstyles each based around which healing spell you more commonly use, Holy Light and Flash of Light. Holy Light paladins are incredible tank healers, whereas Flash of Light is more suited to raid healing. Personally I'm of the opinion that Flash of Light is suboptimal because you have other healers that are far better at filling that niche. HL tends to be focused on healing the tanks, is a bit easier to play and really uses the strengths of the paladin. Again the EJ compendium has an excellent breakdown of the pros and cons of each playstyle.

Now armchair experts might tell you that FoL pallys go Holy/Ret and HL pallys go Holy/Prot. This isn't the case always. It's said because the FoL style requires more crit for throughput generally because they can't cast many HLs due to their much smaller mana pools (at least this is my interpretation) but to be quite honest you can perform well in either spec and Holy/Prot has some very nice utility.

Spec wise I went straight into the Holy/Prot raid spec but you may find it easier to go holy/ret, at least to begin with, and pick up the crit talents because you may struggle in blues especially with the amount face tanking aggro whores in the LFD system these days.

At this level with your mana pool tiny you'll be using FoL more so its better to glyph for it now then once your mana pool is bigger swap the glyph to Glyph of Holy Light.


Working back from what stats benefit me the most you basically want these things:
  • Int
  • Haste for throughput
  • mp5 (regen)
  • Crit (regen)
  • Spellpower
Typically any healing plate will have int plus one of the other three. In terms of regen mp5 is on the whole better than crit so bear that in mind when selecting gear.


With my DK a Scribe (or inscriptioneer/inscriptivist as trade chat seems to call them) I churned out the following glyphs
Then craft but don't use:
As I mentioned above I swapped from Glyph of Flash of Light to Glyph of Holy Light once my mana pool could handle it. Some people also use Glyph of Seal of Light instead of wisdom but personally I don't think 5% healing it's worth the mana wisdom saves you

    Ok so you've read up a little, got the basic shit down and are sitting in blue gear with a thumb in your anus. Here's the way I believe is best to gear up.

    Do a couple BGs or a wintergrasp. Acquire the paltry some of 12k honor and buy the pvp libram. It buffs your FoL and will help you out.

    Hit TOC5 Normal - you should be getting reasonable queue times, if not beg your pals to come help because you're running this instance for Tears of Vanquished. Any other plate healing loot you might as well pick up and chuck rare quality yellow int gems into them. Once you've got this trinket you should have motley collection of gear in addition to it.

    Hit ICC Normals - You're after the Shield in normal Pit of Saron and there's some other fairly nice stuff to pad out your gear.

    This is when the heroic grind starts. If you really want to go for 4parts t9 then go ahead. But personally I think it sucks complete ass in general and you'd be better off picking up other things. Now you want to maximise benefit from the badges you get so we're going for the shit you will not replace for a while.

    First off grab the trinket Talisman of Resurgence for 50 badges. This is incredible and you should macro the Spell power "on use" effect to your Avenging wrath (you want to use Divine Plea because it gives mana back, but "Oh no - my heals suck because it reduces healing" so you pop your AW and they suck slightly less).

    Then go for the badge ring Heartmender circle. It's not ideally itemised but for your buck it gives you a solid item that doesn't require you to gem or enchant it.

    Now you suck slightly less, so you continue doing heroics - the weekly etc until you have enough badges. Unless you're an asshole like me and bully guildies in to helping you in TOC25 you will not be picking up trophies and so you will not be able to upgrade your t9. So the best course here is to go for the 245 MAIL (omg) helm from badges and the 245Plate shoulders (UNLESS YOU WANT THE 4SET BONUS). The mail helm quite frankly is incredible and the shoulders are similar to t9 shoulders but a higher iLvl and so have better stats so if you must drop one of them for the bonus lose the shoulders. Once you have these pick up the t9 gloves and chest. The gloves are very good and the chest is ok, the only other achievable chest outside of raids drops from Falric in Halls of Reflection so you may find it easier to just go with the tier one.  Legs wise you have a similar choice so if you can't get Legguards of the Frosty Depths or Blackened Ghouls Skin Leggings to drop from Pit of Saron it might be better to just take the tier set again. I go for the cheap option so I just queued for the ICC heroics I felt comfortable doing.

    You should basically be trying to run at least the first two ICC heroics every day as 2good necks, a weapon some boots and the above legs and chest all drop there. I'm just going to whack a list of all the reasonable items you can find from those instances because quite frankly its the fastest and cheapest way to gear up.

    Forge of Souls:
      Pit of Saron:
      Halls of Reflection:
      Bracers - I broke with tradition here and crafted the ToC ones. "Reasonably cheap" but if you want something else pretty much any mail or plate mp5/haste/crit ones will do not that you'll find anything approaching 232 ilvl thats decent.
      Waist - lot of people argue for going craftable - I had a mail belt for a while that I got from a TOC10. There one in TOC5HC which is passable
      Cloak - Pvp! Its 50+k so it might be a bit of a slow burner if you detest pvp.
      Ring - theres a load of reasonable rings out there. Anything with haste/mp5 int is good but you're more liable to find a crit one. Hold off on buying anything - you're going to want to wait for the Ashen Verdict Rep ring in any case once you start raiding. Having the HoR ring and the Badge one isn't a bad start.

      Remember the time you level it is also very important - if you can manage to get anything reasonable from holiday bosses like Ahune or the Headless Horseman you should always pick them up.

      You're pretty much in the best state you can be without raiding. Grats you sexy bitch. Your mana should be in the 26k region provided you haven't slacked on gemming/enchanting which means you're able to through a lot more holy lights into your repertoire. Throw out that FoL glyph, pick up the ilvl 200 badge libram and you are a healing machine.

      You'd probably be ready about halfway through this guide to start raiding but I felt comfortable that I was actually pulling my weight once I'd gathered most of the stuff I've mentioned. Your gearing from here is fairly simple. Try to concentrate on the same stats I mentioned at the start. As your gear gets better and better is easier to pick up more crit and haste. Just remember its only generally worth picking up your t10 head and shoulders.

      So I'm not a complete bitch and don't show you I lived what I learned, below is my sexy MALE draenei's armory. Join Team Fridge (referring to his slender shape) and roll one yourself.


      Many thanks to both the full time and part time Holy Paladins in my guild, the people at EJ and anyone else blogging about healing in general today. Oh and the rest of the guild for not whining when I said I'd help them out and join their raids then relog to my shit alt :D

      /echo out