Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ulduar Achievement Happy Fun Time

Blegh, having a chance to raid this week means the weekends recap is slightly late. Still, another HM down on 25 and we spent this wednesday working on saurfang. But back to the business at hand:

Following last week's rather random Algalon kill a group of us decided we'd venture once more into Ulduar to earn ourselves some more nerd points. After some reasonable levels of interest on the post I'd left in the guild forums detailing the "shopping list" we were going to use I was hopeful it would be a breeze forming. Unfortunately one of our tanks decided he'd rather arena than come along so I struggled a bit there. Once I'd finally managed to get 2 reasonably geared tanks online it was merely a case of arbritating between the raid members which achievement to do. I also had to do a lot of warning that we weren't here to do drake achievements which unsurprisingly caused a load of people who hadn't read the forums to ask to come then immediately ditch. I made sure to mention this because I've helped out on enough Ulduar 10s and to be honest the reason I have done none of the achievements I'm after is because there was always at least one person who was getting the drake. A couple people did tag along and were happy to pick up what they could.

I cannot stress how much of a good time we had. Obviously a lot of us overgeared the place to shit so that made some achievements rather trivial (Yogg in 7mins done with 1min30s to spare :D ). Another great thing is that as a raiding guild nobody really wants to go back and do this shit except the people who weren't with us the first time around. So hearing some people's reactions on vent when kologarn pops up, or yogg emerges, when you engage Algalon or even the train to mimiron (Which was hijacked! Also being levitated when the train is turning causes deaths, thank you Ami) was really nice and reminded me of how I used to view the place before it became too familiar.

We had reasonable speed throughout, and apart from a couple hiccoughs managed to get people credit for their Champion of Ulduar metas on most bosses as well as most of the hardmodes when we didn't need anything specific.

Here's what I managed to tick off (Link spam):
Nerf Scrapbots - Slightly RNG dependant, we waited till we had 4 pile spawns then went mental on the bombs
I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim - Relatively easy, we were trying for Can't do that while stunned too but unfortunately someone missed an interupt.
With Open Arms - Pretty easy with our nuke dps
Nine Lives - Cleared a big space and kited the boss around, cue much hilarity when the tank decides to face the boss away and dies. Feral druid bears up and we nuke it down.
Lumberjacked - Interesting achievement for the healers, easy when we nuked each one we pulled down to 10% before pulling the next. Then once 2 of them were low I MD'd the last one (Brightleaf - the one that heals)  to the tank and we nuked it down then killed the other 2.
They're coming out of the walls - Easy, spawn a load of adds from the clouds and nuke them down. In the end it was myself and a mage AOEing. We got the achievement then wiped
He's not getting any older - Wierdly its phase 1 thats often the biggest problem here - with our gear and the watcher buffs its too easy for dps to overnuke the adds. The power of having 4 of us in ICC25 gear go mental on the brain meaning 1 portal phase drastically shortened the fight. It was then a relatively easy third phase where we spent the majority explaining to those new to the fight how the insanity worked and what the best way to preserve it was. It led to a druid guildie who'd never seen much of ulduar before getting about 4 achievements (yogg + general, full clear, nobody insane, 7min).
Supermassive - Narrowly missed out of He Feeds On Your Tears then wiped three times due to people failing at portals.
Champion of Ulduar - Although we intitially tried to get this for a couple of people it was only me and another two guys who picked it up. My two missing fights we properly pulled it off (Vezax and Freya)
Over 9000 - Not Ulduar related but after all the of the nerd point farming it popped up for me as it did for our pally healer when he got Champion of Ulduar.

10 Achievements left in Ulduar10! Although considering some of them are very tricky or RNG based it should be interesting - eg Alone in the Darkness and Herald of the Titans .

So, I've set out this weeks list and we're going for the as many as we can again. More people are making enquiries and we're expanding this to the entire WotLK 10man instance achievement list and hitting everything we can.

Anyone else been achievement farming?


  1. I've been trying to bump up my achievement points in the last few weeks. I got my first wins at Stand of the Ancients and Isle of Conquest (I'm not much of a PVPer), along with a few extra achievements from them.

    I also go my 25-tabard achievement and I got the Red Bug Mount from AQ40 (although techincally that's a Feat of Strength).

    I also went into Ulduar 25 last week to knock out a number of the meta-achievements. Even being hugely overgeared for it, Firefighter is still more difficult than a lot of the current encounters.

  2. That red bug has eluded me too many times! Grats on the tabard one I'm a little way off that one and not being a pvper I think it may be a while before I pick it up.

    Firefighter is a challenging fight mainly because theres all the usual confusion to remember and then they chuck fire on top of that. The fact that 25 is a little tougher (plus the fact that I'd struggle to get 25 people I trust together) means there's a small chance of me picking up all these achievements.