Sunday, 24 January 2010



Whilst sitting here trying to work out how I'm going to get this blog rolling I wondered. Why do some people react like that? Especially on the official wow forums it seems. Its a fairly common response on the first page of any post that's controversial or even announcements by blizzard staff or MVPs.

Now to be perfectly honest I find it really annoying. Because it adds nothing at all to the drama or discussion except a "look at me, I'm retarded" sticker. A lot of the people doing it are doing it "sarcastically" by doing what I've done in the first line, using CAPS and textspeak and when they get to the exclamation mark they put some "1"s or even a "humourous" (and thats humourous in speech marks because it's not) "one" or "eleven". The sad thing to me is that they are evidentally self aware enough to recognise the meme but they're still driven by a need to be noticed that they use the meme to post just to feel involved even though they evidently have no contribution to make. Supposedly referencing the meme makes it not just another fuckwit perpetuating a tired meme but a shining example of dazzling wit.

I think this is one of the reasons large sections of the community have moved away from the official forums and left it to be the domain of the bored, the young and the trolls. Most serious raiders post on other sites like Elitist Jerks or MMOChamp, RPers tend to have their own community sites and the PvPers have Arena Junkies etc. Maybe I'm being a little hard, I mean in guild chat we've all been there. Who, for example, wasn't swept up in all the "Anal [achievement/ability/item link]" spam? Ok, a lot of you who I'm sure are guardians of common sense didn't get involved. I think after the first 5mins once everyone with a basic knowledge of the game had linked anything that might be moderately funny it had already died a death.

I'm sure I'm contradicting myself here and you've noticed. Why start a post with the very thing you're complaining about? Because it's been my first instinct too. Memes can strike at any time so please stay vigilant and make sure you don't turn into a fucktard attention whore by accident.

Well I guess thats enough for now. I've got a raid to organise for and time is creeping onwards. ICC25 the Blood Queen Tonight. I'm hopeful of a kill provided our melee can stop tunnel visioning long enough to not stand in fire or kill the rest of of the melee with that other linked ability.

/echo out

Edit: We ended up doing TOGC25 up to Twins then calling it because a couple of our healers had birthdays.


  1. As much as I appreciate that I invited that and it did make me laugh.

    Just, don't.