Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mend Pet Glitch

I'm not sure how I managed it but I think for once I managed to break WoW. Below is the post I've made in the hunter section of the EU WoW forums. If anyone knows a better place to raise this or is able to raise it on the US bug forums please feel free.

I was messing about yesterday in Icecrown waiting for some friends to finish 10mans and doing the tournament Dailies.

I was preparing to solo Threat From Above when I managed to produce a quite strange effect. Because my wolf was dead from the daily dungeon I'd just done I had to res him. I res'd him and was spamming Mend Pet while I used the Call Stabled Pet function and selecting my Crab.

When the Crab appeared he was at yellow happiness so I pressed mend pet again because I have the minor glyph that raises pet happiness when you use that skill. I got an error message saying that a more powerful version of the spell was already on the target.

On further inspection my pet had a permanent Mend Pet ticking on it for around 1300 a heal.

Because these forums dont appear to have a bug report function like the US forums I'm posting it here so other hunters can see if they can replicate it and so that Blizzard have some awareness of it, even if they choose to ignore it because its not gamebreaking.

Spec wise I was in my raiding spec - the only buff I had to any of the spells involved is the Minor Mend Pet glyph. The pet spec had Blood of the Rhino Talent to further buff its healing recieved by 40%

TLDR: Its possible to give your pet a permanent Mend Pet.

Could other people please confirm if they've had the same results?

Potentially this makes some of the older raid bosses that were harder to solo as a hunter a little easier because you lose no mana through this. As I've said on the original thread if anyone is able to replicate this please post below.

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