Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Real ID - See what I mean now blizzard?

The WoW blogosphere has been awash with people posting their concerns and worries about the new RealID system were introducing. Chas over at Righteous Orbs pretty much had the same thought as myself as did Jen over at Stories of WoW

I've stated in the comments of a number of blogs that I'm against the nature they've introduced the system and the fact they've now tied it to the forums for my own reasons.

Well, they only went and got pwned. A blizzard moderator posted his name to show how "harmless" it was and sure enough the digging some people did was instantaneous. His address, phone number - you name it they pulled it up. Apparently his house has had in the region of 80 pizzas sent to it (thank you 4chan, ahem) and they've had to diconnect his phone due to prank calls and he's taken down most of his facebook. Here's the story over at wowriot. Here's the original thread on the official forums .

All I'm going to say is a great big fat


On the other hand I hope the rest of that poor misguided moderator manages to regain some sense of privacy after all this blows over. I know some blizzard employees are famous in any case and this could happen to them (hell some crazies have probably already done it) but considering this guy seems to have been int he wrong place at the wrong time

Also here's Hitler's reaction to the forum addition. Mainly geared towards the SC2 people but made me smile.

/echo out

Edit 1:  It's been brought to my attention that some people have been harassing blizzard staff. There's even a website full of personal information about them. They even know someones goddamn shoe size. If that isn't wrong I don't know what is.

I know I don't get a hell of a lot of traffic but I might as well document some of the downright crazy shit some people are doing. Someone posted on one of the staff members wedding guest books

A very interesting read over at Team Liquid who singled out a single post made by someone claiming to know a GM basically mentioning that the employees are just as pissed off as everyone else. With good reason I imagine, now they not only have an unpopular decision they don't want to enforce but they also are getting harassed. As much as I'll repeat myself saying this but I feel really sorry for the middle guys taking the flak. Full quote below:

Nachtjäger, Suramar, 59 Night Elf Death Knight post 35821 in epic thread wrote

Got in touch with my ex-flatmate, whose sister works as a GM for Blizzard, to see what the internal buzz on this was. Apparently, at the moment the employees are largely as pissed as the players, and she stated that despite attempts to keep it hushed, it has become known that the big creative players within Blizzard are pretty much as unhappy about this as we are. Everybody has been told they are not free to comment on this situation outside of specially prepared statements.

  I also did a bit of digging to see if I could find any further detail of what's really been happening. Typically the full scale of the shitstorm isn't known for a couple weeks but Encyclopaedia Dramatica already have a post on it. I did try and brave /b at 4chan to see if anything else was happening but now I feel soiled. Heading to bed, I'll keep updating if I find anything.

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