Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Hypocrisy of Gearscore and a Racist gets his Just Reward

As my previous guide showed I've rolled a paladin. Well, I've been mostly focusing on building a ret spec on the loladin, so Lady RNG in her capriciousness naturally is bestowing me with healing upgrades and tanking gear. I blame Theanorak - He made me want to dips! Also becoming v tempted to fork out for a shadows edge as I have golds! I'm chasing DMC:G too and just missing an ace. Total of 1kspent on it - which is mitigated by all the other cards I picked up trying to proc them via Inscription isn't too bad.

I did a random icc10 on the pally as I was on too late to make the raid the other night. I knew a couple of the guys in it and it seemed we'd probably clear at least 7 bosses. As I'm in the process of speccing ret (in ret gear so comedy that people stop me and make fun of me in dalaran - yeah thats a 251 weapon next to those 138 trinkets /flex)  I was questing as ret in zul drak to finish it off and make some tasty gold for any silly achievements I decide to do. I join the raid and the first thing I get is "why does the paladin have 4k gearscore" from the tanking DK. I reply with something snarky, confident that I've three people from the guild that I might not know that well but at least know me well enough to know I'm a good enough player to keep up and that my holy gear is pretty good . Plus I'm an officer so they wouldn't dare kick me :D .

Now after the dk is reassured I'm healing and that I'm in ret gear he shuts up. But I'm still annoyed. Everything goes fine mostly up to rotface. We've killed fester and have the weekly and he suddenly pipes up.

"I'm tanking the boss, the warrior should kite the ooze".
"Actually" I cut in "It's really easy to do the kiting as a dk, plus you can CoI the little oozes and control them" "Yeah but I can't do it"
"So you were prepared to not let me come on this run when I had 4k gearscore but you yourself don't have the ability to be here"
"yeah but its hard, paladin is easy"
"actually I've done it before on my dk, you don't even need to be tank specced"

The group worked around him and only one wipe caused by both of us healers getting the debuff and a little confusion about who was healing who along with the tank (the dk) staying in to take the angry poo poo to the face. We kill putricide in a 1 shot again despite the dk playing terribly and tanking in the wrong place and go do valithria before doubling back to blood. After the mage randomly drops group we continue with 9 and the dk is tanking kelseth the caster. Complete. Abject. Failure. He's not using CDs not stacking orbs its a nightmare to heal. By this point I can tell people are playing like gash as I'm also keeping an orb up with judgement and holy shock in between spamming holy light on the tanks. we get it to 3% but people have to go.

How does this work? I can't come to fucking ICC with 4k when I've knowledge of every fight but scrubs like him think they can stop other players from joining despite the fact they're not actually any good and have lamed their way to a higher GS. Even with the 4k GS I could still link the achievement for 3 wings on this alt and if pressed could even relog and link all 4 wings on both difficultys with kingslayer. I realise this is preaching to the converted and this is shit everyone knows and the subject is a tired one at that but I needed to rage! I've started ignoring players that malignantly stupid so I don't have to carry them in the future.

Anyway we had a main run on reset day. Wow all these people we don't see on progression days showing up on reset day? What a coincidence! The high point of the raid - being told by the trial rogue (who has a tendency to talk alot and state the obvious) was that his friend, a hunter, had been banned for something he said in ICC general chat. I recognised the name and recounted why he'd been banned. I'm a hypocritical jerk to be qute honest and I often say things that are borderline tasteful and I troll a fair bit, however I know where the line is and I never cross it. His friend posted something racist which, as some people know, really grinds my gears (many in my guild actually think I'm a black muslim for some reason). I'd reported the guy and apparently he got a 1day ban and nerdraged hilariously. I'm sure the rogue will tell his friend it was me, and I actually generally hope it gets a rise out of him. I have no patience for that kind of mental retardation and I'm quite happy to continually report his misdeeds until its perma :)

Top tips - include time in the chat log of when the person you were reporting said the offensive statement. So please, blizzard do read these and like any sensible company they take a very sensible approach and they DO DEAL with it. Report - ignore them - clean up wow!

/echo out


  1. Oh people like that DK is what really grinds me when I want to gear up alts. My alt(s) may be lesser geared than a whole lot of people, but quite honestly I think I play better than a whole lot of them too. Because if nothing else - I know the tactics.

    I've seen an increasing amount of tanks not moving for the explosion on Rotface and it makes me so annoyed. It's a simple thing to do. Not doing so might even mean that some dps who may also be slightly clueless don't move for the explosion either and suddenly you're all eating a shitload of damage.

    I also get really annoyed when a DK says for a warrior to tank the ooze. Because quite honestly, out of all of the tank classes the warrior must be the least suitable. It can be done of course, but dear god it's so much work as a warrior (I know cause I'm usually the poor fool that has to do it.. I got to do it once on my paladin alt - and it was sooo much easier!)

    In the end, it just goes to prove that gear and achievements doesn't actually prove a thing. Because you could have been carried all the way through. I'd rather go with people's alts with 4k GS whom I know can play than a bunch of random people with 5k+ GS and a bad attitude.

  2. Exactly saga, I did a late icc25 on my paladin on tuesday. Just a couple bosses but I pulled in friends from a couple other guilds. One had just dinged on his resto shaman and had maybe 3 blues after a weekend of grinding and craftables - hes a good player and yet I get the other shaman who is about 1k gs higher complaining.

    My friend did better than him.

  3. Hehe. You can't blame me for wanting to hit stuff. Maybe if you start missing ;)

    As far as bitching about people's gear is concerned, why bother. The first thing you'll do is probably a trash pull or two. If someone is conspicuously not pulling their weight, you'll probably be able to spot it right then and make changes. If you don't spot any problems... well, then there's not a problem.

  4. Did an alt run with a friend's guild - my funlock on 5.3K Gs, hubby's baby shammy with just 4.9, friend's alts with 4.5... PUG tank waltzes in "You're rather undergeared..." He shut up when we cleared 6 bosses and hubby's baby sham outhealed the geared pally.

  5. Getting people banned for saying repugnant shit is the best kind of PvP there is. You gain many personal Honour Points for that!

  6. haha indeed Carson in-fucking-deed

  7. Yea its pretty funny isn't it the way a lot of people act about gear in this game.

    Gear does make a difference of course however too much is hinged on it in people's minds. I agree with a stranger its all you can go by but its over the top really to kick them on GS before a trash pull.

    I believe kicking after seing what they can do tactically or on meters is better.

    So much these days in ICC is execution based success anyways. Like the other day I played some 80 Shaman on someone else's account to help a raid group, they were feeling ill and had to log off and offered me the chance.

    Closest thing I had done was my level 50 (at the time) Shaman alt, it didn't even have Riptide! lol I had 1 hour pre-raid to get ready for this, healing on a class I hadn't played before.

    I prepared my UI, keybinds and read a bit of information from the internets about little tips and playstyles.

    I know this is looking off topic but it isn't, my point is this. I went into that ICC run and I kept up with everyone on meters, I blew the meter away completely on Dreamwalker and if it hadn't have been for the healing I did do we would have wiped because I did something like 70% of it or more.

    Why? Is it because I am an awesome player? NO.

    Is it because of the gear from the char? NO.

    Its because the fights are execution based, and my extensive knowledge of the mechanics because of the number of times I have raided the place, and the hardmodes I have done, this gave me a complete edge, I knew when damage was gonna hit who, I knew where to stand, where to move and how far. I knew how to build a stacking debuff on Dreamwalker, I knew the fights.

    That kind of knowledge there is no addon to track.

    My point? Give people a chance, you never know who your raiding with despite the GS / Achiev.