Friday, 5 February 2010

The new LFG system

If like me you have a couple alts you most likely think the new system is awesome. I honestly think its absolutely brilliant in some ways. In others, just by the nature of the system, it blows goats. I realise I'm posting behind the times a little here as the wow blogosphere has been filled with much the same over the past few weeks. Unfotunately my stomach and myself had a disagreement earlier in the week where I thought he should be filled with food a couple times a day and he didn't. Now I'm feeling slightly better I thought I'd release a little more bile (vomit related humour!). Another rant? Why of course!

Below is an example of a guy (who I play with sometimes) who decided to be an asshole. What did he do? He and a pal from another guild repeatedly killed other players on the first pull in Gundrak Heroic using Tricks of the Trade to pull the first pack and refusing to leave. Because there is two of them they can't be kicked and everytime someone accepts they're just going to take the 15minute debuff and leave, they can refill it with more victims. Because one of them is in the tanking spot the mobs won't be picked up and most of the party will die and incur repair bills every single time. They did this for around 2 hours and killed people around 70 times.
Here's the shit that got  posted on our realm forums which is complete with screenies and drama.
Now I'm occasionally very immature. I have been known to deliberately provoke people and on accasion I've seen Trolling produce some pretty funny banter (like the time 3 of our members spent 2 hours patiently sending individual stacks of 1 fish to another member and completely spam filled their mailbox). But, I have never wasted 2 hours of my life just to piss people I don't know off. It just doesn't make sense.

You play a plate dps. The pally healer rolls on your gear for their DPS spec because they play that usually. Ok its fair enough, I know I tank stuff on my DK because it means faster groups and I don't have a problem with this. You get to the second boss and a tanking item drops, and again the pally is rolling need because they "also tank sometimes". I've seen people roll for all 3 of their specs in heroics before. Normally I don't give a crap because the bulk of heroic loot is bad anyway and by this point everyone is normally rolling in enchanting mats and only doing the heroics for their 2 frost emblems. Its in the ICC heroics that this mainly produces the QQ and this is precisely why I only do these places with guildies/friends if I actually want anything.
Or a DPS wants an item so they wait for your debuff to run out so they can try to kick you and get someone who doesn't share their armor class/spec type this annoys me most. Mainly because I've had it twice even when I've been on echo who needs nothing from any heroic.

Elitists without a clue
The people doing it for just the frost emblems generally fall into 2 categories.
The people who recognise they outgear the instance and will tolerate the presence of everyone else because they know its just a heroic and its pretty hard to screw it up. They just want it to go fast and smooth and will generally agree to the optional bosses provided people are moving quickly and will do all reasonable things to keep the group moving at a reasonable pace.
The other category is made up of people who are similar in gear to the first type but severely mentally deficient and impatient. If they are a DPS they refuse to use aggro drops or Misdirects and will generally pull aggro and whine about how its the tank's (who they outgear) fault. They'll also often try and speed up the run by pulling other packs to AOE when the healer is running oom or the tank is miles away.

Why oh why do some fuckwits insist on doing the achievements that still require some co-ordination? I'm not talking about the simple ones like On the Rocks. But occulus ruby void/emerald void for example are common ones players try and force the rest of the party to do. I can control an amber drake, I know when to put my rift up, I know when to fire my shock. It's not rocket surgery but some people really don't have a clue so the party will wipe repeatedly and the guy who begged you to do it is either putting a stupidly optimistic slant on how badly you just failed ("almost guys just 50% to go, we almost had it there") or nerdraging because he assumes its someone elses fault.

Know-it-alls in Lowbie Dungeons
Reading around a bit on the intarwebs I look at other blogs, generally hunter oriented. At the moment a lot of the blogs I'm reading are bringing it up.Being a bit of an elitist cockbag I figured I was immune to it. What I mean is, you join a group and some wanker in BOA gear spends the entire instance telling you how to play your class.
Example - I'm playing on the char I hang out with the missus on. A level 34 (currently) Balance druid. Now I'm basically spamming moonfire and the occasional wrath to conserve my mana pool which at the moment has a tendency to deplete rather alarmingly. (dreamstate soon wooo!)
A freaking hunter starts telling me to do things. A hunter in STRENGTH GEAR ARRGHGHGHGH!!! Ok so maybe just the strangth BOA Axe. He was telling me to use DoTs. Starfire is more than adequate and means I can spend the majority of the instance actually dpsing instead of drinking as everyone moves off into the distance. I will spend a good 70-80% of my time levelling in situations where I can't justify using them so I simply don't.
Now apparently this makes me a noob. A noob who was outdamaging his scrub ass. Of course any information I give him is met with "Lol l2p ur own clas noob". IT IS MY CLASS ARGHGHGHGHGHGH!
I don't normally bite. I normally am very calm and do something vindictive like forget to heal them/fail to taunt off them or even deliberately misdirect them. You know, something that kills them but leaves the people not annoying me alive. On this occasion, it was the good old vote kick before the last boss. It has the double advantage of being completely unexpected and such a massive kick in the balls that perhaps next time they won't consider being such an asshole again

The sad thing for me that really is kicking in is the lack of a community on your own server. Previously you instanced, pvped and hungout with everyone on your server. Now with instances cross Battlegroup, pvp the same and about 6 big cities to choose from its often like the only contact you have with the rest of your server is in pug raids and trade chat. Both of which aren't exactly the best place to meet people. RPers won't really see this as they have their own communities but for those of us who play for the pve its actually becoming more and more dissociated and I'm just not seeing all the people on my realm I used to.

/echo out

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  1. I shall never bitch about my crappy groups again... (ok, I will, but whatever)
    That rogue must be the biggest idiot - and I've met a few! I can be very bitchy, but it's only to people who have *done* something... this is taking idiocy to the next level. It's times like this when I wish I could PvP, transfer a char and go camp their corpse for hours.

    Also, your blog doesn't let me comment with Name/URL /cry