Monday, 22 February 2010

Goodbye Sweet Prince

 (The following is taken from what I posted on my guild forums edited for your delicate eyes)

Today friends I recieved what is the 3rd warning against my account and it is a tale of woe which will make even the strongest among you cry at the injustice. So steel yourselves friends for what follows is not for the fainthearted. I have strayed in my time from the straight and narrow but never have blizard properly caught me out. Did they catch me when I was MDing lowbies in IF? Did they catch me for trolling in /trade? No, each one of these warnings has been related to my naming of my characters.

I play on RPPVP realms because I like the people and regretably a couple of the names of my characters have been considered a breach of the RP naming conventions. I've actually removed a fair chunk of the detail purely because the first couple I'll throw my hands up and admit I was in the wrong. All were completely indefensible and the GMs have shown remarkable restraint and good humour in dealing with me.

The shock with has prompted me to write this diatribe? It is the saddest nail in the coffin of pain. As some of you know I picked up a Beast Mastery spec due to the furore caused in the hunter blog community about its raid viablity. So in an effort to have a go I dusted off my old pet from the end of TBC, the awe inspiring Devilsaur you've all grown to love as much as I have. Blizzard.... they renamed him and warned me.

ACCOUNT: *****
Character Name in violation: Echosnare's Pet - Gaylord
Type of violation: Inappropriate
Consequences for account: Pet renamed and warning issued

I would like to ask that we all take a moment's silence in honour of the great pink dino. May this shameful day be forever known in history as Black Monday.

Goodnight sweet prince, you were our hopes and dreams. When you got big and red, so did we. When you stomped about, you gave us permission to break the mold and stomp about too. And when you roared there wasn't a dry seat in the house.

I will always miss you

/echo out

Hush, he's with the Angels now.


  1. I laughed.

    I'm a bad person.

  2. Aww, sweet and yet oddly funny.

    Loved it :)