Thursday, 11 February 2010

So it seems I can't take my own advice...

After getting in too late to raid the other night I decided to grab some dinner and sort my random and the seasonal etc. A guildie mentioned a TOC25 pug they were in and I got invited as they were wiping on Faction Champs. My problem it seems is even though I knew it would be a fail pug I still thought I could change things.

So the setup we're facing is only 3 melee, as I zone in I ask "who's taking what". The Raid Leader responds "just warlocks fear stuff" followed by "FOR THE ALLLINANCE" By that point I'm saved to 2 bosses and we wipe rather spectacularly followed by another round of people leaving the raid because their dogs are on fire.

I bully the RL into promoting me. Mark up and wipe again. Apparently when you say "interupt the shaman" its code for "just dps the kill target then die when you fail to move from a bladestorm". So more people join and I get a couple people I trust on the melee, 1 reliable interupter on the pally and whack 2 dps on the shaman to interupt. Wipe again because a hunter can't wait for me to mark and had left his pet on aggressive.

Finally we killed it. Only to wipe once on twins because it turned out the RL not only couldn't form a raid worth a damn but also couldn't do any threat and left one of the twins to run around munching the casters and was sitting on the literal other side of the room so they healed once. Then by that point so many people had died to orbs we had another round of fake DCs and we decided to call it.

I'm not sure why but it really bothered me. I guess I'm just used to getting into these pugs and eventually sorting them out. Still I had a number of the players from the larger guilds on the server thanking me for taking control and we even had one of the dps following our kill stream on xfire and announcing to the raid that we'd just killed sindragosa.

Anyway, it's just reinforced what I already know, even if you have to start it yourself it's better than trying to repair someone else's raid.

/echo out

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  1. I'm not sure if it's a weird habit-forming thing, like once a raid gets a conception of itself as a "failraid" people just stop trying, and nothing can be done to salvage it.

    Well done for trying though....