Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Achievement Whoring

Given I've little time available to raid at the moment I've been looking at what achievements I'd like to focus on completing. In the beginning I was whoring achievements like nobodys business. The crazy lust for more nerd points took me all over the game. Over time the frenzy died down and I was left with a silly total and a load of half finished things glaring at me.

So, here's my list that I'm focusing on:

The dalaran ring - I've had the gold for a while. I just can't bring myself to spend that much gold. I need to just sack up and do it. I've more or less paid for every other expensive achievement in the game (both 16k mounts, the 9k mount, all other purchasable mounts and pets, the haris pilton bag etc etc) so why do I need gold for really, my raid gear is as good as I can get it and fully enchanted and I've already ground everything I want on my alts.

Higher Learning - The last 2 books I need never seem to be up. I check everytime I log in.

75 pets - at 72 atm. Too cheap to buy the next 3.

100 mounts - at 90something and waiting for the pvp change so I no longer have to go to WSG. Also doing the argent dailys for marks. I think a couple zg runs, doing one of the achievements below plus the pvp should get me it.

Tabards - 17/25 again waiting for pvp change.

Frostbitten/Bloody Rare - Have npc scan up all the time. Fighting back tendency to fly endlessley from zone to zone. I've got a self help group of other people who share spawns with each other. So far we've marked off a couple by giving each other the heads up.

Reps - Wintersaber Trainers - I got halfway through and then boredom took hold and I couldn't do it. I don't have THAT far to go. Timbermaw gets done with Wintersaber, so it's really Hydraxian Warlords, Cenarion Circle and Zandalar tribe I should focus on. Which would take me a lot closer to the exalted title, and also give me a couple others.

Battered Hilt - Just for the achievement really. I think its a sidegrade overall maybe a mild upgrade.

PVP - I simply don't at all yet there's so many I could pick up.

Raiding - I got bored and theres a load of silly little achievements I never did on both 10man and 25man. I'm certain I could get people to show up its just getting the wherewithal to kick people into doing it. I also need to start getting people into the mood for pimping the new drakes.

I don't really know why achievements hold such a sway over me. Is anyone else a bit OCD too? I stopped actively farming them when Wrath raiding picked up (around Ulduar) and now the only use I tend to have for them is the status symbols like the 310% mounts or the titles.

The only trouble is the status symbols become devalued over time. The first time this happened was the For the Alliance and the black warbear. We formed 3 raids - literally 115-120 people (basically the raid squads of the 4 big guilds on the server) and swarmed the horde leaders one at a time. Considering the Leaders were 80 and we were 70 and our tanks had a running back in from death rotation, it was a big undertaking. It was also something to hold over the horde and over the next couple weeks and again at 80 we formed defence raids and kept trying to stymy them. One of my favourite wow memories. As soon as 80 hit any tard could halfass a raid together at 1 in the morning and get their bear..

It used to be that having the rusted drake was rare, and then as gear progressed more and more people were picking them up. So we took down Yogg on 1light to get the ironbound drake and slowly that's being eroded too. So once we get the new ICC ones within a couple of weeks as they add the aura to make the bosses easier they'll become more and more common.

Of course I'll probably manage none of the achievements listed above because I'll be tempted to head back over to Single Abstract Noun instead. If you aren't feverishly levelling a character over there and neglecting your main, what achievements are you after? Or even what achievements are you most proud of getting?

/echo out

PS: I missed out on immortal too fyi - ffffffing lag on sapphiron the week before they ended it and it was the last achievement I needed for the black drake :(


  1. I too am a bit of an achievement whore, but with nowhere near the points I'd like to have!
    I am slowly ploughing my way through reps (got 30 exalted and the Brood of Nozdormu this weekend) as well as completing the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline, but I do get a bit bored with the grinding!
    I just like collecting things really. I'm on 103 pets at the moment, looking forward to payday to grab myself two more...one gryphon and one wind rider!!

  2. Grats! I totally hate the grind too, at least levelling an alt is slightly varied.