Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Whiny Post Day

So apparently this is the day we're allowed to whine. At the risk of sounding like an elitist fuckhole I'm going to talk about DPS. DPS are the irresponsible children of wow. They rarely have any real responsibility other than to do "good" for their gear level dps, and not stand in bad. If they fuck up the raid might wipe, but not that second. I am a DPS and other DPS who play terribly annoy the hell out of me.

I fucking hate carrying people. I really do fail to understand how some people can grasp the relatively simple mechanics of this game. I've played typically high dps classes, and also the ones that have been considered lower and yet I've never been so godawful I've been asked to leave a raid group. I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, I routinely play with a range of players some of whom are such good players that their alts actually outplay our mains and show us up. What I'm trying to say is that if you're playing WoW then you're connected to the internet. You have access to google. Do the fucking research - there's a lot of resources online if you can't do it yourself. I'm a retard too, but I'm not a completely lazy one.

Take playing a hunter. I play semi regularly on my hunter (not as much as I want to - thanks work!) and raid occasionally. I do pug TOC25 every so often to try and pick up the belt from anub and I'm constantly thrown by how many of my class play terribly. It's not just the obvious raider pet peeves like standing in bad etc, but more their gear choices, specs and rotations. I'll quickly state I don't view BM as a "bitch" spec and to be honest generally play BM in these pugs. Now this often results in comments from the other hunters generally about how badly I'll do. Due to my lack of raiding, my gear isn't much ahead of theirs. What they've picked up in new ICC gear compares to my TOGC25 gear. Yet generally, and yes I'm generalising because you can't have a good rant without unfounded accustions, the quality of the players shitting on my BM spec is bad and I'm above them by 2-3k dps.

It happens with other classes I've played like blood/frost DK, Ele shaman, Balance druid and arms warrior. Not all of them are ez mode, yet theres always a simple few rules that people forget.

1) Gearing - Lazy gemming, lazy enchanting, stupid stat choices (expertise? are you fucking kidding me?)
2) Speccing - Don't assume what you are playing now is optimal. Read your patch notes.
3) Rotation - Again, I'm not hunterjesus here. I rely on people a lot more patient and analytical to do the theory crafting, then through a process of elimination work out what works for me.

Now of course if I can, I'd raid with my guild because I know people are there for a reason and have raiding rank because they've proven they don't need hand holding. But do you never look at the people below the tanks in Pugs and ever just think "How? How is this a problem for you?". It really does remind me of the video someone made near beginning of TBC in Gruul. They took a  hunter with a macro bound to every key of their keyboard being played by someone literally bouncing their forehead off the keyboard. They still managed a respectable place on the meters as I recall.

So to all the people out there being carried. Pull your finger out. It's all your fault.

/echo out


  1. Oh god yes. There are people in my guild who still cannot break 3K DPS despite having mostly i232 gear (which has been gemmed and enchanted sensibly on the advice/orders of people with a clue).

    And don't get me started on the reta(r)din in FoS heroic the other day who was bitching at me to tank faster, despite being lower than me on overall damage for the instance...

  2. I've seen DK's hitting like 900-1,100 dps in heroics in almost full epic gear. Its this type of total idiot that I think Echo is trying to get at, not the ones that just aren't as great as others on meters.

    I agree, mostly its not even a theorycrat issue, its common sense, when levelling my DK before I even read a single thing on the class and rotation I found the class so overpowered I could break 2.5k dps in instances at level 77.

    I just think there's a percentage of the playerbase just totally not cut out for the game, or at least not prepared in any way for what they are putting themselves forward to be part of. They are thinking about epics and putting too much emphasis in their mind on epics being the main reason for their low dps.

    They also tend to be the same people who are totally beyond friendly help I find.