Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Confession

I nipped onto an alt last night and I was a very bad balance/resto druid. I was running about trying to get 43 so my friends wouldn't outlevel me so badly that I couldn't play with them when we're all online.

I join the queue for the random dungeon as DPS. Nobody is on so I requeue as DPS/Healer and it still takes 10mins while I run about questing before anything happens.

Eventually I'm in ZF and quest items are dropping. Whilst trying to remain awake healing (seriously I can keep a tank up pulling normally with rejuv) I ask

"Hey guys, could somebody share the quests?"

No response. Completely blanked. I ask again and finally the tank answers

"Because it will take me longer to get the drops"

I'm not so naive to insist everyone I play with isn't a complete fuckwit but this was a joke. If I insisted on that I'd have a pretty lonely time and nobody would play with me either but that's besides the point. Who is that pathetically selfish though? In terms of quest xp in the grand picture the 2 ZF quests that rely on drops are maybe 10-12k each and with the amount you end up running the place through the random dungeon you'll finish it in any case by the 3rd run at the latest. Anyway I reacted completely maturely.

"Pull more. Lets get this done"

Tank runs around gathering mobs. Cat form, sprint,

"Find your own goddamn healer"

I'd feel bad about it but I figure considering most of the rest of the party had the quests too and said jack shit they were collaborators. At least, albeit obnoxiously, the tank said something. I'd also like to think that after that wipe they couldn't find a healer but maybe I'm just being to vindictive.

Now, whats the meanest thing you've done in WoW? It doesn't have to be justified, I'm just curious if anyone else has perhaps "overreacted".

/echo out

Edit: turns out I don't know how to type today. Also preview mode doesn't show shitty layout *angrybear*


  1. If this was Defias - queues for healers suck, at least more than they did when my priest was on Alonsus. She's still stuck at 41 btw, but I hope I can level more this weekend. ZF is in sight and I might manage to skip Mara completely!

    As for mean things... I didn't run out on anyone yet, but I have quit groups when the bitching got too much, I refuse to res idiots (druid rez. druis rez!!! druiz rez pls. gahhhh) and I yelled at people. I particularly like dropping groups together with friends of the other important role - such as when I was tanking and my friend was healing (very well) and the group started berating her after she had to leave for work. Oh, you didn't notice we were in the same guild? Tough, find a new tank and healer.

  2. I'm probably a terrible person but, err, I thought this was great. I usually don't have the courage to pull this kind of thing, preferring to passive-aggressively drop groups but people shouldn't expect you to aid their game when they treat like you shit. So you were slightly vindictive. They deserved it.

  3. I love it! You know what takes longer than having to share quest drops? Sitting in queue.

  4. Obviously not me, but this guy sure knows how to be an asshole:

  5. Testing if I can post form this machine at work.

    @jen yes it was defias, 2 in the party from my home server! If one of them had been the asshat I'd have tracked them down alliance side then spent 20mins corpse camping them on my Cow warrior.

    @Kitty ahaha thats just harsh